Thursday, April 11, 2013

Starting Personal Trainer Food Tomorrow!

I saw a Google offer for 4 weeks of healthy food for a decent price, so I hunted for a good review to tell me if it was worth the money.  After finding multiple reviews that looked like advertisements and only one honest-sounding review from someone who didn't follow the plan too well, I decided that I would start a blog about the program and my progress through it.  I will be starting the program tomorrow, and I'm already pretty excited about the whole thing.

First of all, I got a deal from Google for $224 for 28 lunches and 28 dinners.  With free shipping, that comes out to four dollars per meal.  Even at the regular price of $5.60 per meal if I didn't have the discount, it's still cheaper than buying healthier meals at most restaurants.

I am in graduate school, and I found myself putting on some weight with my new, more sedentary lifestyle, but I just don't have time to cook healthy meals every day.  I know I could make one or two big healthy meals on the weekend, but I get bored with the same leftovers every day, so I thought that maybe the Personal Trainer Food program might work for me.

The company so far has been fantastic.  I ordered my food on Monday and was informed that it would arrive via FedEx on Wednesday.  Excellent turn-around time in my opinion.  I have received a couple of emails with links to good videos about the program, what to expect, and how the program works.  The thing that really impressed me, though, is that a representative from the company called me the day I was scheduled to get the food (yesterday) to ask if I'd had time to view the videos and if I had any questions about the program.  I was invited to call at any time that I had questions or concerns.  I didn't expect that level of customer service at all.

I received the box of food yesterday, and it is a BIG box.  When they say to clean out your freezer, they aren't kidding.  I was able to cram it all in, even though I still have a few things in there that I didn't throw away (my daughter would be rather upset if I threw out her blueberry waffles!).  It comes well-packed and insulated with Styrofoam, with a big block of dry ice to keep the food frozen during shipment.  My daughter and I had fun with some dry ice experiments last night!

I already had plans to have lunch with my dad this afternoon, or I would have started today.  However, I had roasted chicken and vegetables for lunch, so I'm already on the right track!

I am a 6-foot-tall, large-boned (no,'s not an excuse!) woman, and my current weight is 188.2 pounds.  That is about 10 pounds above the healthy weight range for my height and build.  As they suggested, I'm not going to weigh myself daily, but at the end of these four weeks, you better believe I'll be back on that scale again to see the difference!

I'll keep posting through the four weeks...just click on the links on the right side of the page if you want to read more.  :)

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